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2006 Events (Selected)

July 2006: Bhog Sri Akhand Sahib (Baba Charan Singh Ji)
Our most respected SANT BABA CHARAN SINGH JI, (1954-2001) Sampardaya Kar Sewa, Sarhali Sahib Wale, who left for his heavenly abode on July 11, 2001.

The Bhog of Sri Akhand Path Sahib in respect of the departed soul will be performed on July 11, 2006 at Gurdwara Gurpuri Sahib, Near Sarhali (Amritsar) followed by Kirtan.


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Barsi Semagam Sant Baba Charan Singh Ji (July 2006)

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Nagar Kirtan: Guru Angad Dev ji's 500th Prakash Gurpurb
April 2006. In commemoration of the 500th Prakash Gurpurb of Sri Guru Angad Dev ji, a Nagar Kirtan was organised by Samparda Kar Sewa Sarhali Sahib. The procession started from Sarhali Sahib and ended in Sri Khadur Sahib.


Nagar Kirtan: Guru Arjan Dev Ji's 400th Shahidi Anniversary
June 2006. Sampardai Kar Sewa Sarhali Sahib organised a hugely popular procession to commemorate the 400th shahidi anniversary of Sri Guru Arjan Dev ji. The procession ended in Sri Tarn Taran Sahib in Amritsar.


A Barsi Semagam Welcome
Lakhs of people will be attending the annual barsi semagam & fair organised in memory of Baba Tara Singh and Baba Charan Singh of Sarhali Sahib, Amritsar (starting 30th Dev 2006 till 2 Jan 2007).

We welcome you to come and join us. Bring your family and friends for a memorable time.

Babaji in Singapore
Baba Sukha Singh ji made a trip to Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand during Oct/Nov 2006 to raise awareness for the ongoing sewa projects in Bangladesh, as well as to raise funds for the restoration of historical sites in that country.

Babaji spending time with sangat in Singapore