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[ VIDEO / REPORT ] Barsi Semagam, (1 Jan 2008)

Barsi Semagam in memory of:
- Brahm Giani Sant Baba Tara Singh
- Brahm Giani Sant Baba Charan Singh

Jan 2008. The annual barsi semagam that commemorates two of the greatest spiritual personalities that Punjab has known attracted tens of thousands of well-wishes from all over India as well as abroard. Although the event started off with Sri Akhand Paath Sahib on the 30th of Dec 2007, preparations commenced almost a month before. The logistics of catering for so many people is, least to say, a humongous undertaking! The program would never be a success, year after year, if not for the stewardship of Baba Sukha Singh ji and Baba Hakim Singh ji, and the countless volunteers - both from within Sarhali and without - who worked relenlessly round the clock.

Bhog Sri Akhand Paath Sahib was held on the 1st of Jan 2008, followed by a kirtan darbar in which a number well-known kethakars and kirtani jethas took part. Some noteworthy names were Baba Daya Singh ji (of Bidhi Chand lineage), Baba Harnam Singh ji (head, Damdami Taksal), and Giani Pooran Singh (former jethedar of Sri Akal Takht Sahib).

There were also several highlights, such as the spectacular horseback performance by Nihangs and a large remote-controlled aeroplane that flew over Gurpuri and released colourful programme coupons. This year, an exhibition of paintings showing events from Sikh history was also organised. Besides this, free medical checkups for the needy were carried out by doctors from local hospitals and medications were dispensed without charge. From the long queues of people waiting to see the doctors, this event was obviously very well received by the people.

On the 2nd of Jan, the day kicked off with Amrit Sanchar ceremony as well as the mass weddings of dozens of poor couples- with all expenses borne by Sampardai Kar Sewa Sarhali Sahib.

A mela was also held outside the Gurpuri compound over the 3 days, complete with ferries wheels, merry-go-rounds and a huge number of stalls selling snacks, toys, kirtan CDs and other paraphenalia.

Mass Weddings Video : Click here to view.


Overall Barsi Semagan Video.

31st Dec 07 - Kirtan by Baba Sukha Singh - click to play.

1st Jan 08 - Kirtan Darbar (selected ragis).