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Barsi Semagam Bhram Giani Sant Baba Tara Singh Ji (Jan 2009)

As with every year, the annual Barsi Semagam was attended by tens of thousands of well-wishers from and near and far. The programme was as follows::

30 Dec 2008: Sri Akhand Path Sahib Arambh
01 Jan 2009: Bhog Sri Akhand Path Sahib
02 Jan 2009: Amrit Sanchar
02 Jan 2009: Fully sponsored marriages of 84 poor couples with full 'daaj' being provided by the Sampardai Kar.
04 Jan 2009: Bhog Sri Akhand Path Sahib at Sheperi Sahib and kirtan programme.
05 Jan 2009 Collection of 'daaj'  (wedding items/gifts) for the sponsored weddings.

2009 Barsi Semagam Photos: photo gallery

Media Reports (Punjabi):