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Gurdwara Pahartali, Bangladesh

Gurdwara Pahartali was constructed in 1930s in Chittagong, Bangladesh. After the partition of India in 1947, no organisation took the task of maintaining or operating the Gurdwara.

As with other places in Bangladesh, land sharks made attempts to encroach on the land - not for the successful intervention of Hussain Ali, a muslim, they would probably have got their way. Hussain Ali retained possession of the Gurdwara land for about 60 years, awaiting the day when Sikhs would return to claim what was theirs. This finally happened in recent years when Sampardai Kaar Sewa Sarhali Sahib received the necessary permissions to enter the country and start work on the restoration of the Gurdwara.

In 2005, the Sikh sangat did prakash of Sri Guru Granth Sahib at the Gurdwara after the Sampardai constructed a 40 by 50 foot Darbar hall. The works are by no means completed and renovations are continuing till this day with the help of local and overseas Sikhs.

Baba Sukha Singh pays a visit and meets up with
Mr Ali, a Muslim, who has taken care of the
Gurdwara land for 60 years.

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