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2011 Projects (confirmed)

nishan sab Sarovar at Gurdwara Gurpuri Sahib
The foundation ceremony for the sarovar (large pool commonly seen at Gurdwaras) was held on 1 Jan 2011 and the project is expected to be completed within a year - in time for the 25th anniversary barsi of Sant Baba Tara Singh ji.


nishan sab Darshan Diori
A Darshan Diori (or gateway) will also be constructed this year at the entrance to Gurdwara Gurpuri Sahib. The foundation stone was laid by Punj Pyare.


nishan sab Guru Gobind Singh Khalsa College Public School, Sarhali
This school is being constructed a stone's throw away from Gurdwara Gurpuri Sahib. When completed, it will have 3 floors consisting of 42 rooms. The first phase of the building has been completed and the second phase is underway. The school will cater to the educational needs of students up to ICSC Board 1 - 5 levels. Three new school buses have also been purchased to transport students from nearby areas when school opens around March of 2011. Gursikhi jiwan students can expect to enjoy a fee concession.


nishan sab Baba Makhan Shah Labana Vanjara Gurmat Academy
A Gurmat Academy is being constructed at village Mugat, Hazur Sahib, Nander. The Academy will offer free education, food and accomodation to poor, low caste children. It is named after Makhan Shah, a devout Sikh and a rich trader from Tanda district Jhelum (now in Pakistan) who discovered the ninth Guru of the Sikhs, Guru Tegh Bahadar in Bakala, India in around 1665.


nishan sab Guru Gobind Singh College of Nursing
This nursing college is being constructed at Goindwal Sahib and admissions are expected to begin in July 2011.


nishan sab Nishan Sahib Gold Plating
The two main Nishan Sahibs at Gurdwara Gurpuri Sahib will be gold-plated this year in time for the 25th anniversary commemoration of the passing of Sant Baba Tara Singh ji. Well-wishers who would like to contribute gold pieces for this project may call the following numbers:
  • Baba Sukha Singh ji - 0091 9501458787
  • Baba Hakim Singh ji - 0091 9417627028